Used Kia Sorento vs Honda CR-V

If you are shopping for an SUV, there are a few things you may consider looking at before coming to your final decision. In order to compare one SUV to another, you’ll want to figure out the specs and features that are most important to you beforehand. So, we’ve decided to use some common specs of the Kia Sorento to compare it to one of its competitors; the Honda CR-V.

For the purposes of this comparison, we will be using the specs of the 2017 Kia Sorento L with the 2.4L 4cyl engine. This will be compared to the 2017 Honda CR-V LX with the 2.4L 4cyl engine. When it comes to important specs, many people search for the power, transmission, and fuel efficiency of the vehicle they are interested in. Because of this, those are the specs we have taken from each vehicle in order to compare them.

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2017 Kia Sorento Vs 2017 Honda CR-V
185 HP Horsepower 184 hp
6-speed shiftable automatic Transmission CVT
24 mpg Combined Fuel Economy 28 mpg
18.8 gal Fuel Capacity 14.0 gal

Advantages of the used Kia Sorento

As you can see in the table above, the Honda CR-V and the Kia Sorento are very close when it comes to horsepower. However, the Sorento has just a bit more than the CR-V. However, if you are a fan of being able to shift your own gears, then you may want to consider the Sorento over the CR-V. This is because the CR-V has a transmission called Continuously Variable-speed automatic Transmission. This means that you won’t be able to change gears, as there is only one.

However, we see the benefits of having CVT when it comes to the gas mileage of the CR-V verses the Sorento. As you can see, the combined miles per gallon of the CR-V is more than that of the Sorento, so you do actually get a bit better gas mileage in the CR-V than you do in the Sorento.

The Sorento makes up for this when it comes to the fuel capacity. The Sorento has a bigger gas tank than the CR-V, which means that, even though the CR-V gets more miles per gallon, you still may find yourself going farther on one tank of gas in the Sorento.

Hopefully, this has helped you in your research on your next vehicle. If you have any questions on the Kia Sorento or Honda CR-V, please don’t hesitate to call us here at Dan Cava Auto World.

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