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Where Can I Get Desserts for Valentine’s Day 2021 in Bridgeport, WV?

Best Bakeries and Dessert Shops to Visit in Bridgeport, WV

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick. Matter of fact, it’s happening this Sunday! This day is a great way to show a little extra love for your significant other. Many people associate Valentine’s Day with flowers and chocolate. However, we think you should enjoy more than just chocolate on this day of love. Today, we are sharing what we think are the best bakeries and dessert shops to visit in Bridgeport, WV for your Valentine’s Day Desserts.

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Enjoy a Delicious Cake or Pastry with Your Loved One

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  1. Almost Heaven Desserts and Coffee Shop. This coffee and desserts shop is offering special Valentine’s Day-themed desserts and a pink coffee mug to celebrate the day. You and your significant other can enjoy chocolate-covered strawberries, gluten-free mini red velvet cake, or Rosette sugar cookies. You can order online ahead of time, so your order is ready when you are free to pick it up.
  2. Bonnie Belle’s Pastries. Since 1947, Bonne Belle’s has been serving and baking desserts with love. This family-owned and operated bakery offers custom wedding cakes, celebration cakes, cupcakes, petit fours, and cookies. Choose from their most popular options or order ahead to get a custom dessert that shows off you and your significant other’s love.
  3. Great American Cookies. You can’t go wrong with delicious, fresh baked cookies as a dessert option. This dessert shop offers a variety of options including custom cookie cakes, fresh-baked batches of gourmet cookies, Double Doozies (ice cream between two cookies), and decadent brownies. If you visit their website, they offer allergen and nutritional information.

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