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Where Can I Find Wines near Bridgeport, WV?

Best Wineries to Visit near Bridgeport, WV

Picture this: You’re outside in your backyard with friends enjoying a home cooked meal and a bottle of locally-made wine. The weather is warm, and laughter is in the air. Sounds like a perfect evening right? While you can make a quick visit to the grocery store for food, you need to make sure you’re getting your wine from the best local wineries. Today, we are sharing what we think are the best wineries to visit near Bridgeport, WV in 2021!

Enjoy a glass of wine and the nice weather

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  1. Batton Hallow Winery. Located in Lost Creek, WV, this winery focuses on providing wines that cater to a variety of palates. They provide seasonal wines that correspond to each season. For spring, the wine is Primavera, the Italian word for Spring. If you can’t make it to the winery, they have their wines available in several retail outlets and restaurants.
  2. MonValley Vineyards. Head on over to Fairmont, WV, to enjoy homemade Italian blends. The owner uses techniques that he learned from family and opened this winery in 2017. The selection of wine includes sweet wines, semi-sweet wines, dry wines, and semi-dry wines. The wines here are unique as they use a blend of grapes, berries, fruits, and even tomatoes.
  3. Forks of Cheat Winery. Open for 30 years, this winery in Morgantown, WV, will make you feel like you’re walking into a friend’s home. You’ll find 14 different wines here from dry whites to spiced reds. The winery is located in the Appalachian Mountains so on nice days, you can enjoy a nice view while drinking your wine outside.

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