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What Do I Do When My Car Gets Stuck in Snow?

Tips for Getting Your Car Out of the Snow

No matter how careful you drive when the road is covered in snow, sometimes you can hit a patch of snow that leads to you getting stuck. Sometimes there are helpful people nearby to help you get your car moving again. However, you aren’t always driving when there are several other cars on the road, so you’ll need to get unstuck by yourself. In this post, we will be sharing some tips you can follow to your car out of the snow. Read on to start learning!

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Easy Tips to Follow to Get Moving Again

man using shovel to dig car out of snow
  1. Get snow away from your tires. By freeing up the area in front of and behind your tires, you can move the car back and forth much easier. You should also dig out snow that is higher than your car’s ground clearance that is under the front or middle. This step is easier to do with a shovel so be sure to keep one handy in your trunk.
  2. Rock your car out of the snow. Get back into your car and start switching between drive and reverse to help dislodge even more snow around the tires. Make sure that you don’t wreck your transmission by braking while changing gears. You can also switch to neutral in between transitions.
  3. Slowly accelerate forward. Once you clear an area for your tires, you might be tempted to “floor it. However, it’s better to give a little gas and then release the pedal. By doing this repeatedly it will create another rocking motion to get you the momentum you need to get moving.
  4. Add an object to gain traction. If you are still stuck, you might need to put something under your wheels to create traction. Objects you can use include sand, salt, dirt, or kitty litter. Throw handfuls of whichever traction source you choose and then try the acceleration process again. Remember to also check that you have traction control turned off.

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Get More Tips from Dan’s Car World

Overall, the most important thing to do is to stay calm. By keeping a cool head, you can avoid creating a bigger problem for yourself. If you’re interested in learning more automotive tips, keep reading the Dan’s Car World blog.