What are the Best Road Trip Destinations in West Virginia

What are the Best Road Trip Destinations in West Virginia?

There is nothing better than loading up the Toyota Highlander full of family and/or friends and hitting the open road on the quintessential summer road trip.  Our fair state of West Virginia offers some of the best road trip destinations in the entire country.  West Virginia has beautiful mountains and valleys that make for second to none scenic drives and famous and historical sites to visit as well.  With something for everyone a road trip in West Virginia is certain to delight even the weariest of road trippers.  Pack up all the road trip essentials and perfect your playlist for the best summer road trip of your life this summer right here in West Virginia.

Top 4 Destinations in West Virginia

Hawk’s Nest State Park

This 70,000-acre state park is host to the New River Bridge that spans the New River as it slices through the Appalachian Plateau forming the New River Gorge.  Hawk’s Nest State Park offers a tram to the bottom of the gorge which is a prime spot for whitewater rafting.

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Seneca CavernsPeole leaning on white car looking across the horizon

Forming over 460 million years ago, the Seneca Caverns have chambers that rise nearly 60 feet in height that are sure to leave you awe inspired.  No need to be professional spelunker because these caverns are well lit and offer concrete pathways and handrails for visitor safety.

Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater Falls drops 60 feet and is accessible all year round because of concrete steps and viewing platforms.  Two other waterfalls are housed within the park as well, the Elakala Falls and Pendleton Falls making Blackwater State Park a must visit.

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Monongahela National ForestHappy family sitting in rear bumper of white car

Monongahela Forest has the highest elevation in West Virginia and boasts the most diverse forest ecosystem in the country.  With 75 species of tree and 225 bird species across the over 900,000 acres of the Monongahela National Forest make it a nature lovers paradise.  Hiking, rock climbing and camping are also popular activities at Monongahela National Forest.

Get out and explore beautiful West Virginia this summer at one or all of these fantastic road destinations.  With a something to please everyone you don’t have to go too far to make this the best summer ever.