Three Tips to Simplify Car Shopping

How Can I Make Car Shopping Simple & Save Money?

Three Tips to Simplify Car Shopping

It’s the day we all dread, when we wake and get into our car to head off to work and it doesn’t start.  Instant panic overtakes our senses and we start kicking ourselves for not taking better care of our car, or replacing it sooner.  We knew the old Jeep wasn’t going to drive forever, but we sure wish it would’ve because the thought of another vehicle purchase is intimidating.  Don’t let the idea of new car purchase paralyze you, prepare yourself with these tips for car shopping made simple.

3 Vehicle Shopping Tips

Determine Your Needs

Think about the daily demands you put your vehicle through and find a vehicle that meets those needs that is within your budget.  Once you have determined the qualities your next vehicle must have, you will usually whittle your choices down to a select few rather quickly.  Figure out which one of those vehicles best fits your budget and you have a winner.

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Rear exteriors of a line of SUVs at the car lot

Know the Fair Market Price

After you have found the perfect vehicle for your needs, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty, the negotiations.  Negotiating the price of your next vehicle purchase can be the simplest step in the shopping process, if you have the right information.  Knowing the fair market value of the vehicle you are interested in can easily be found online, with resources like Kelley Blue Book or browse the vehicle you are interested in across several dealership websites.  Once fair market value is determined, negotiations are easy.  Simply stick to the price you are willing to pay for the vehicle and don’t be afraid to walk away if the dealership won’t meet it.  If the price you offered is fair, you’ll be hearing from them, or another dealership will gladly accept.


This is the real part of the process that everyone dreads, committing to another three to five years of payments.  Unfortunately, for most of us, financing is a necessity, but can be made simpler by trading-in your old vehicle and obtaining financing through the dealership.  Oftentimes this combination can result in low rates and a high return and your barely running old clunker.  Follow these simple steps for making a vehicle purchase easy, and never feel intimidated again.

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