Full-size vs midsize pickups

Should I get a full-size or a midsize pickup?

Owning a pickup has a lot of perks. The pickup driving community is a tight-knit one, and you may be familiar with the pride some drivers have in their pickups. Not only are they versatile for towing purposes, but they can also haul more stuff in the box than you could fit in a smaller SUV. There are typically two types of SUVs to choose from between full-size and midsize pickups. Which is right for you?

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2017 CHevy Silverado 2500 exterior profileBenefits of full-size pickups

These are undoubtedly one of the more popular options for drivers. Full-size pickups are the preferred choice for drivers who need maximum performance capabilities. They can tow a lot more than midsize pickups and they typically have a longer frame, which allows for a greater payload capacity in the back. Full-size trucks are adaptable and versatile, offering a wide range of engine options and performance features to give drivers a list of choices depending on their towing and hauling needs. Of course, driving a larger truck also gives off a more alluring look, if you’re looking to present yourself in a certain kind of light.

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Benefits of midsize pickups2017 Toyota Tacoma driving through a desert

The smaller option for drivers, midsize pickups certainly have their place in the automotive industry. While midsize pickups won’t be able to tow or carry as much payload as their full-size counterparts, midsize pickups are great for the average person who just needs a pickup for smaller chores. These trucks are easier to handle and maneuver due to their shorter frame, and they also will get better fuel efficiency than full-size pickups. Midsize pickups also cost less.

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