Is it time to replace my windshield wipers?, text on an image looking out the front windshield of a car with the wipers working

How Do I Know When it is Time to Replace My Windshield Wipers?

Is it Time to Change My Windshield Wipers?

We have all heard the phrase April showers bring May flowers, not only because it rhymes but also because it is true.  The beginning of spring ushers in increased sunshine and rain clouds as well, and that is why it is important to have working windshield wipers on your car, so you don’t get caught in a rainstorm that your current wipers can’t contend with.  Even in a light rainfall old and worn out wipers don’t do us much good except in making our drive through the storm much more menacing.  If you are wondering if it is time to replace your windshield wipers, then see if any of the following indicator signs apply to your current windshield wipers.

3 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Wipers


This is one of the easiest problems to notice, when you use your windshield wipers do they leave behind streaks, a film, or residue?  If your answer was yes, then it is definitely time to replace your wiper blades.  Your windshield wipers should fully and completely remove all water and loose debris from your windshield on the first swipe, and if they don’t then it is time for a new pair.


Even if your wipers are removing all water and debris with the first wipe, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are working correctly.  If your windshield wipers make a chattering or skipping sound it means they are worn out and ready to be replaced.  That sound isn’t only irritating, but it also indicates that your wipers are not making constant contact with your windshield which could lead to catastrophic failure of the wiper blade.

Image of windshield wipers not working


Lift your wiper blades off of the windshield and inspect the rubber of the wiper blade itself.  If there are chips, cracks, or chunks missing then it is time to replace those wiper blades.  The rubber of a properly working wiper blade should be one continuous piece of rubber, and any irregularities can be the cause of streaking and/or sounds coming from your windshield wipers.

Something as simple as having wiper blades that work right can drastically reduce your risk of being in an accident.  It is recommended that your wiper blades be replaced yearly at the minimum to help keep them in good working condition.  You don’t want to find out your wiper blades are worn out in the middle of your drive home from work in a rainstorm.

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