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How to Quickly Defrost Windshield in Winter

If you have to park outside in winter during a snowstorm or overnight, you know that your windshield will most likely be covered in frost. If you have the time to let your defroster do its job and melt away the ice, then there’s no issue. However, you don’t always have time and you need your windshield defrosted quickly. Below, we have included three methods for quickly defrosting your windshield in winter.  

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Three Different Solutions for a Frosty Windshield  

close up of ice pattern on glass
  1. Lukewarm water method. Get a bucket and fill it about three-quarters full with lukewarm water. DO NOT use hot water as it could crack your windshield. Slowly pour the water over the windshield working starting from the top corner and moving horizontally across the glass. Remove the water by turning on your windshield wipers or wiping it with your gloved hand.  
  1. Rubbing alcohol method. This method requires a 12-ounce spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, and room-temperature water. Fill the spray bottle with eight ounces of the alcohol and four ounces of the water. Shake the bottle to mix the alcohol and water. Spray the mixture on your windshield and then let it sit for about a minute to let the ice soften. Wipe away the frost easily with your ice scraper. You can keep this mixture in your car due to the low freezing point of the alcohol. 
  1. Homemade heat pack method. Grab two old socks or mittens and fill them with uncooked rice. Throw the “heat pack” into the microwave for 30 seconds to heat up the rice. Put one sock/glove in each hand and gently move them across the windshield. Make sure you don’t stay on one spot for more than 10 seconds. When the ice has melted, clear it away with your windshield wipers.  

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