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How Do I Know if My Transmission is Failing?

Top Signs that Your Transmission is About to Fail

If you’ve been driving for a while, you most likely know that your transmission can be one of the most expensive components to replace or repair. To make sure that your car lives a long life, you need to take care of the transmission. If your transmission goes, that might lead to you needing to get a new car when you’re not ready. So, how do you know if your transmission is failing? Keep reading for the top signs that your transmission is about to fail.

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10 Signs You Need to Service Your Transmission

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  1. Transmission won’t engage or stay in gear. This can be an issue with the transmission fluid, shifter, shifter cable, or the valve body.
  2. Shifts are delayed or missing gears. This issue can be caused by a leak or contamination of the transmission fluid or water intrusion when going off-roading or during flood conditions.
  3. Transmission slipping or engine is revving high. This is caused by low transmission fluid or internal wear on the transmission parts.
  4. Transmission fluid is leaking. A leak could be coming from the cooler lines, gasket, or a seal. This can be dangerous if the fluid leaks onto a hot surface.
  5. If you smell a burning smell. A fluid leak or low fluid can cause a burning smell.
  6. If you hear a buzzing, clunking, or humming noise. These noises can be caused by a bad bearing, damage to planetary gears, or a different internal issue.
  7. Your vehicle has no power. If there is little to no power but the engine is running correctly, this could be due to internal transmission problems, dragging brakes, or vehicle computer is limiting power. This problem will need to be checked by a professional.
  8. Check engine light or over drive light is on. The check engine light will turn on for overheating, solenoid problems, speed sensors, slipping transmission, and many more issues.
  9. Gears are grinding when shifting. An issue with manual transmissions, this is a sign that the clutch is not releasing, the shift synchronizer ring is broken or worn, or the shifter is worn.
  10. The clutch pedal grabs very low or very high. This is an issue found when there’s a problem between the linkage or hydraulic system that operates the clutch.

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