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Full-size vs midsize pickups

Should I get a full-size or a midsize pickup?

Owning a pickup has a lot of perks. The pickup driving community is a tight-knit one, and you may be familiar with the pride some drivers have in their pickups. Not only are they versatile for towing purposes, but they can also haul more stuff in the box than you could fit in a smaller SUV. There are typically two types of SUVs to choose from between full-size and midsize pickups. Which is right for you? Read the rest of this entry >>

Passenger side exterior view of a white 2016 Toyota Tundra

Where Can I Find a Dependable Used Truck Near Me?

You have the last of your boxes loaded into your SUV when you start to wonder where you accumulated all of this stuff.  It seems like every time you move you find a backseat worth of boxes that never got unpacked from the last move and yet they still find their way into the new place right next to the boxes you will never open after this move.  The lingering question is how are you going to fit your furniture into the backseat of your SUV, and how are you going to lift it by yourself?  The simple answer is you can’t, you need help from a friend who owns a truck, or you could finally find an affordable used truck near you because it seems like you are always asking to borrow your buddies truck for one reason or another. Read the rest of this entry >>

American-Brand Used Vehicles West Virginia

Find a Domestic-Brand Used Vehicle at Dan’s Car World!

American-Brand Used Vehicles West Virginia

Here at Dan’s Car World, we are able to offer a variety of automotive brands on our sales lot. Of all our available brands, customers often veer towards the domestic ones because of their high quality and desire to support American companies. Here are some of the American brands that you will find at our dealership in West Virginia! Read the rest of this entry >>