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Best Parks around Bridgeport, WV, text on an image of colorful playground equipment at a lush green park

Where are the Best Parks around Bridgeport, WV?

As warmer weather embraces Bridgeport, WV, it is time again to get outdoors and enjoy our favorite activities.  No matter how you spend your leisure time, the Bridgeport area has something to offer everyone with our wide array of local City and State Parks.  To help you find a highly rated park in your neighborhood we have assembled this list of eight awesome area parks that have been evaluated by your neighbors and peers to be the best around Bridgeport.  Walking, running, and biking trails await you at these local parks along with water sports, pavilion rentals, and all-around fun.  So, round up your friends and family and plan a daytime retreat or a weekend getaway at one of these eight Bridgeport, WV area parks. Read the rest of this entry >>

Morgantown, WV Bike Shops, text on an image of a blue bike leaning against a concrete wall

Where are the Best Bike Shops in Morgantown, WV? 2018

Morgantown, WV Area Bicycle Shops 2018

As glorious springtime sneaks into the Morgantown, WV area bringing along warmer weather and more outdoor activities that means it’s time to get our bikes out of the garage and get them ready to ride again.  After a long winter of being neglected in the corner of the garage, your bicycle could be in need of some upkeep or maybe even a tune-up.  If your bike needs a little more TLC than just a few PSI in the tires or a quick tightening of the brakes, take it to one of these 6 local Morgantown Bike Shops and they can have it riding like new in no time. Read the rest of this entry >>

Where can I find Eater brunch around Morgantown, WV in 2018, text on an image of a plate of breakfast foods

Where Can I Find Easter Brunch around Morgantown, WV? 2018

Easter 2018 is Sunday, April 1st, and searching for all the sweets and surprises that the Easter Bunny has hidden for everyone can really work up an appetite.  If you are trying to avoid flipping flapjacks and cracking eggs all Easter morning, then have a look at these 10 Morgantown, WV area eateries where you can find an Easter brunch.  Take the time to enjoy the Easter holiday with your family and friends instead of worrying about clearing tables and cleaning dishes.  Be sure to call ahead and make the appropriate reservations because you aren’t the only one in the Morgantown area seeking to skip the sink full of dishes this Easter Sunday.  Have a safe and happy Easter Sunday from all of us here at Dan’s Car World. Read the rest of this entry >>

Best Steakhouses around Bridgeport, WV 2018, text on an image of a chef placing parsley on a steak

Where are the Best Steakhouses around Bridgeport, WV? 2018

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it is important to be prepared and not to leave a night of romance left to whoever has an open table left for you and your significant other to eat at.  Nothing can excite the senses more than the sizzle and smell of a perfectly cooked piece of meat, and for that reason alone we offer up to you the seven best steakhouses around Bridgeport, WV.  Treat yourself and your honey to something amazing this Valentine’s Day 2018 or any other day of the week that you want to turn from ordinary to extraordinary at one of these tantalizing steakhouses around Bridgeport, WV. Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Bridgeport, WV Christmas Holiday Events, text an an image of Christmas strung above a green backdrop

When are the 2017 Bridgeport, WV area Christmas Holiday Events?

2017 Bridgeport, WV area Christmas Holiday Events

It is hard to imagine that Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye, it feels like it was just the Fourth of July.  Even though the temperatures are beginning to dip doesn’t mean all activities are over, with the holidays approaching there are still plenty of things to do around the Bridgeport, WV area.  Dinners, Parties and Parades are in store for you this 2017 Christmas Holiday season, and with this quick reference list of five fantastic events around Bridgeport, WV, you can be sure to catch them all. Read the rest of this entry >>

What are the 2017 West Virginia Deer Hunting Season Dates?

As autumn fully overtakes our landscape, some feel the early onset of cabin fever as temperatures drop.  For others, the cooler temperatures and falling leaves means only one thing: that it is hunting season.  The thrill of the hunt isn’t for everyone, but for those of us that can think of no better place to be than in our tree stand as the sun rises between the forest branches, here is a list of deer hunting dates in West Virginia for 2017.  So, load up your Toyota Tundra and hit the woods in search of your trophy buck this 2017 deer hunting season. Read the rest of this entry >>

Where are the Best Bakeries Near Bridgeport WV

Where are the Best Bakeries Near Bridgeport, WV?

It’s already Wednesday, but it has the feel of a Monday.  Every shirt you put on was wrinkled and you didn’t know where your car keys were when you were ready to leave for work.  After ironing your shirt and finding the keys to your Toyota, you get out the door with just enough time to make it to work, without breakfast.  Passing countless drive-throughs touting tantalizing breakfast choices, your belly lets out an angry groan as you continue on to work instead of stopping for tasty treats.  You are only a few blocks from work when you smell the fantastic aroma of the corner bakery and your stomach pangs feel like they are going to burst from your belly like the alien from the movie Alien.  This morning is going to be awful on an empty stomach, and you’ll be counting down the minutes until lunch break.  Meandering melancholy into work, when the sight of donuts in the break room catches your eye and your day instantly becomes, the best-day-ever.  If the idea of freshly baked goodies has infiltrated your thoughts, then it’s time you checked out these bakeries in Bridgeport, WV. Read the rest of this entry >>

Where Are the Best State Parks in West Virginia

Where Can I Find the Best State Parks in West Virginia?

A certain kind of sadness overtakes us all as we realize the sun sets a little earlier each day.  As summer takes her final bow and begins to introduce us to fall, we instantly miss those long summer nights around the campfire with our worries floating off with the smoke.  The cooler nights of autumn are about to roll in and end those campfires early, sending us inside to snuggle under the warm covers of our beds.  Don’t concede and just sit inside waiting to for the leaves fly, get out and enjoy the waning weeks of the summer sunshine.  Here is a list of the best State Parks in West Virginia to explore while the sun still shines high in the sky. Read the rest of this entry >>

What are the Best Road Trip Destinations in West Virginia

What are the Best Road Trip Destinations in West Virginia?

There is nothing better than loading up the Toyota Highlander full of family and/or friends and hitting the open road on the quintessential summer road trip.  Our fair state of West Virginia offers some of the best road trip destinations in the entire country.  West Virginia has beautiful mountains and valleys that make for second to none scenic drives and famous and historical sites to visit as well.  With something for everyone a road trip in West Virginia is certain to delight even the weariest of road trippers.  Pack up all the road trip essentials and perfect your playlist for the best summer road trip of your life this summer right here in West Virginia. Read the rest of this entry >>

West Virginia Auto Events and Car Shows

Where Can I find a Car Show in West Virginia?

West Virginia Auto Events and Car Shows

We love cars and we love West Virgina. You put those two things together and it is hard to go wrong. We have pulled together a list of a couple of local car clubs. There isn’t much going on in the winter, but it’s a nice time to get to know them and to volunteer to help at Spring and summer events. So whether you love a classic car or are more of kit car buff, there is a club for you. Let’s take a look at auto events and car shows in West Virginia.
Read the rest of this entry >>