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Foreign vs Domestic Used Cars

Are Domestic or Foreign Cars Better for US Used Car Buyers? 

When comparing cars to determine which vehicle to buy, there often seems to be a battle between foreign and domestic options. So many people seem to have their opinion on the matter, when it comes down to it, is there really a difference? Are domestic or foreign cars any better than one another when it comes to US car buyers? 

Well if you’re looking for any definitive answer here, we’re afraid we can’t give you one. Even if we did side with one side or the other, there are plenty of people who would say otherwise. But, the truth is, when comparing domestic vs foreign used cars one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Still, there are some things you can keep in mind. 

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Difference Between Foreign and Domestic Used Cars 

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The complexities of the global market mean that it’s not easy to find a car that is expressly made in one country or the other, and that includes vehicles made in the United States. That may have been the case several decades ago but certainly is not the case today. 

So, when buying from a US brand, it’s likely that it isn’t necessarily a US-made car you’re getting. Of course, even so, you may still like the idea that you are supporting a US company. Plus, in some cases, parts are easier to come by and may be less expensive sometimes. 

But foreign brands have their pros as well. In fact, some of the most reliable brands, such as Toyota and Honda, are overseas brands. They are also highly affordable both in overall price and when it comes to repairs. 

So, when comparing foreign cars and domestic cars, neither is better than the other. To learn more, be sure to check back to the Dan’s Car World blog