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Where Can I Find Used Sedans in Bridgeport, WV?

If you are looking for a new ride for yourself or a vehicle for your new teen driver, you’re most likely looking to get a sedan. While some people opt for a new model, we highly recommend shopping used instead. You can enjoy new features at a more affordable price. If you are wondering where you can find used sedans in Bridgeport, WV, come on down to Dan’s Car World! Keep reading this blog to learn more about the benefits of buying a used sedan.  

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two mechanics underneath car working on transmission

How Do I Know if My Transmission is Failing?

Top Signs that Your Transmission is About to Fail

If you’ve been driving for a while, you most likely know that your transmission can be one of the most expensive components to replace or repair. To make sure that your car lives a long life, you need to take care of the transmission. If your transmission goes, that might lead to you needing to get a new car when you’re not ready. So, how do you know if your transmission is failing? Keep reading for the top signs that your transmission is about to fail.

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bottles of wine on metal rack in wine cellar

Where Can I Find Wines near Bridgeport, WV?

Best Wineries to Visit near Bridgeport, WV

Picture this: You’re outside in your backyard with friends enjoying a home cooked meal and a bottle of locally-made wine. The weather is warm, and laughter is in the air. Sounds like a perfect evening right? While you can make a quick visit to the grocery store for food, you need to make sure you’re getting your wine from the best local wineries. Today, we are sharing what we think are the best wineries to visit near Bridgeport, WV in 2021!

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red car with broken passenger side view mirror

How To Replace The Glass in Your Vehicle’s Side View Mirror

Your side view mirrors help you see other vehicles and obstacles while on the road. If the glass gets cracked or chipped, your visibility is compromised and you’re more at risk of hitting someone or getting hit by someone. Fixing the glass is simple and all you need is safety glasses, gloves, painters tape, and a new side view mirror. Below, we have shared a tutorial video on how to replace the glass in your vehicle’s side view mirror. Check it out so you can have visibility again!

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2021 Subaru Crosstrek yellow exterior front fascia passenger side driving on dirt road foggy area

Where Can I Find a Used Subaru Crosstrek in Bridgeport, WV?

Used 2021 Subaru Crosstrek For Sale in Bridgeport, WV

As the SUV and crossover market has grown over the years, there have been select models that have found a place in the spotlight. One of these select models is the Subaru Crosstrek. This compact SUV provides an exhilarating and enjoyable driving experience. If you’ve been looking for a used Subaru Crosstrek, you’re in luck. Right here in Bridgeport, WV, we have a used 2021 Subaru Crosstrek for sale at Dan’s Car World. Read on to learn more about this compact SUV!

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man washing car in a garage

How Can I Prepare My Car for Spring?

How to Properly Wash Your Car to Prepare for Spring

Spring is hopefully coming soon, so we need to prepare. Every year, the snow and ice on the roads often lead to our vehicles getting covered in salt. If we don’t remove that salt, it can damage the undercarriage and lead to rust. Giving your car a good car wash after winter can help avoid damage. Below, we have shared a detailed video on how to properly wash your car to prepare for spring. Check it out so you can prepare for spring cleaning.

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man buffing out paint on car

What Do I Do If My Paint Gets Chipped?

How to Fix Chipped Paint on Your Car

No matter how new, or old, our cars are, we all like them to look nice. However, when we find a chip in the paint it can feel like the world is ending. Okay, maybe we’re being dramatic, but it does ruin the clean and shiny look we like for our cars. Luckily, you can fix your chipped paint by yourself. Join us as we teach you how to fix the chipped paint on your car.

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worker painting car in paint room

What is the Difference Between the Different Types of Car Paint?

When shopping for a new or used vehicle, you often look for one that has a paint color that you like. Or maybe you’re looking to change things up with your current vehicle and switch to a darker or lighter color. You might think choosing a color might be as simple as picking between red or blue, however, there are different types of car paint as well. The three most common types of car paint are: solid, metallic, and pearl/pearlescent. Today, we will be looking at the difference between the different types of car paint. Keep reading to start learning!

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cookies spelling out love with heart sprinkles everywhere

Where Can I Get Desserts for Valentine’s Day 2021 in Bridgeport, WV?

Best Bakeries and Dessert Shops to Visit in Bridgeport, WV

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick. Matter of fact, it’s happening this Sunday! This day is a great way to show a little extra love for your significant other. Many people associate Valentine’s Day with flowers and chocolate. However, we think you should enjoy more than just chocolate on this day of love. Today, we are sharing what we think are the best bakeries and dessert shops to visit in Bridgeport, WV for your Valentine’s Day Desserts.

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looking at rear of vehicles turning right blinkers on

Enjoy A Good Laugh with This Blinker Fluid Prank Compilation!

Best Blinker Fluid Pranks to Make You Laugh

For those of us who have been driving for a while, we know what parts and fluids we need to buy for our vehicles. However, our kids don’t know as much about cars as we do. This has led to many parents pranking their kids by telling them to ask where a store has their blinker fluid. Obviously, this product does not exist, but it has led to some funny videos! We’ve decided to share a compilation of the best blinker fluid pranks to make you laugh during these cold winter days. Check it out below!

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